23 Digidex Things

August 5th, 2019 by Karen Category: Library Makerspace

Curtin has recently revised their graduate capabilities to include “effective communicators with digital competence” where graduates “will be able to effectively communicate, and confidently access, use and adapt information and technology to meet the needs of life, learning and future work.”

One of the ways that Curtin Library is contributing to the development of student’s digital capabilities, or, their ‘digital dexterity’ is to develop a “23 Things” program.

23Things is a flexible online learning model that was first developed in 2006 and has undergone a number of iterations, including 23 Things for Digital Knowledge at University of Edinburgh. Our 23 Things will be developed and piloted during Semester 2, 2019, with the full program delivered throughout 2020.

Each digital ‘thing’ will be presented through a weekly blog post and will include introductory information to a particular digital skill, activities that will help develop the skills, and links to further open resources.

This semester we are developing the content, and testing it with potential participants to get feedback through informal meet-ups in the Makerspace. We are interested in having a strong student perspective and input into the development of the content to help make it relevant and engaging, and will be employing a team of students (through Curtin EWYL) to help with this. The funding to develop the program is provided through the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP).

The ‘things’ we are considering developing content for are:

  1. Simple but essential digital things (eg making a screen shots)
  2. Digital identity / social media / personal learning networks
  3. Online / data privacy
  4. Data basics / Using spreadsheets
  5. Data visualisations / infographics
  6. Evaluating online information / fake news/ filter bubbles
  7. Accessibility
  8. Diversity
  9. Being creative in a digital world / digital storytelling
  10. Copyright / Using images, media/ reusing and remixing
  11. Creating presentations/ video making
  12. Coding basics
  13. Computer/ internet basics / Raspberry pi
  14. Internet of things / Arduino or Microbits
  15. Problem solving/ brainstorming / mindmapping/
  16. Notetaking / sketch-notes tools / writing tools
  17. Curation tools/ RSS / keeping up
  18. Digitizing and creating archives / personal archives
  19. Digital publishing / sharing your work online
  20. Games – making games, learning through games
  21. 3D modelling / 3D printing
  22. AR/VR/mixed reality
  23. Collaboration tools / cloud sharing services
  24. Wikimedia / editing Wikipedia / Open Resources
  25. Geolocation tools / mapping GIS

We are interested in hearing from any Curtin students or staff who are interested in the program and contributing to it with ideas or suggestions, providing or developing content, or giving feedback during the semester. Please contact the program coordinator, Karen Miller: or 9266 1701.

Note: applications for the student positions advertised through EWYL have now closed.

Curtin would like to pay respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of our community by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land on which the Perth campus is located, the Whadjuk people of the Nyungar Nation; and on our Kalgoorlie campus, the Wongutha people of the North-Eastern Goldfields.