Creative Jam Competition

Are you looking for something fun and creative to do during the tuition free week, and would like to win some great prizes?

The Makerspace is holding a ‘Creative Jam’, a week-long event for Curtin students to develop an interactive experience for the Library Makerspace.

In this competition, we invite you to innovate and come up with creative design (AR, VR, or MR) concept which encourages group participation and interaction.

To take part in this challenge, you may enter as an individual, or work in pairs. 


  • A creative pitch of not more than 10 slides to showcase and put forward your idea (You will be given 15 mins to present).
  • A creative prototype which allows your audience to have a greater experience and understanding of your work. The duration of the experience should be no longer than 3 mins.
  • An overall immersive, interactive and fun experience for group participation.
  • You will need to present and work towards having a feasible version of your prototype ready for the final pitch day.

How to Join

Registration is available at:

  •  All participants must be students currently studying in Curtin University.
  • All members are expected to attend at least the opening Creative Workshop and Final Presentation day.


All events will be held at the Curtin Library Makerspace, Level 5, Robertson Library, Bentley Campus (105.510)

Day Event Time
Day 1
Tuesday 1st Oct, 2019
Event opening and Creative Workshop 10am – 3pm
Day 2
Wednesday 2nd Oct, 2019
Unity Tutorial 11am –
Day 3
Thursday 3rd Oct, 2019  
Development day  

Day 4 (Finals)
Friday 4 Oct, 2019
Final group presentations and awards 12pm-


Prizes will be awarded to Best overall design experience, Best pitch, and Best visual design.

Prizes up for grabs are: 2 x Oculus Go headsets, 2 x Wacom Intuous tablets, and 2 x Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones. 

Terms and conditions

Read the competition Terms and Conditions

For further information, email